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Adventures of friends and travelers from around the world. Experiences shape who these people are today, and read on moments that left an impression

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I caught the travel bug a long time ago, and as you know I hardly stay put. Find out the latest on my most recent travels and adventures

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My friends and fellow travelers have been kind enough to chip in with advice travelers (new and old alike) will find useful

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The Travel Campfire

The Travel Campfire is just what its name suggests - a virtual campfire for travelers to swap travel stories and be inspired from the adventures and experiences of others around the world. I personally love it when people open up about their travel escapades. It gives me an opportunity to live their exploits through their words, and gives me the push to keep on exploring what this wonderful world has to offer.

I will also look to update this blog with my own stories from time to time from now on as I hit the road to explore lands unknown to me, forging new memories and ties along the way.

Occasionally I will share insider tips and tricks which me and my friends have gathered over time in the hope that they may serve you well.

I found myself by traveling, and hopefully this will nudge some of you into your own journeys of self-discovery.